Engine & Turbine Governor Services

Onsite Services

You can rely on our service department 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Whether it’s fitting and commissioning equipment or simple fault-finding and repair, assisting customers on-site is one of the services we have offered since day one of the business. We are readily available to support you in whatever way we can, whenever you require and wherever you are. These visits can be booked in advance to avoid disturbance to your operations, or for emergencies we will make every effort to get an engineer to you as soon as possible.

Our engineers have a wealth of experience servicing equipment large or small; from small diesel engines found as a standby set outside a supermarket, to a critical steam turbines in a petrochemical refinery.

For marine based sets, basin and sea trials can be attended to ensure all functions and settings are to the customer’s requirement.

The process

Following the evaluation of symptoms from information provided, an engineer will select all the spares that will be needed from our stores including measuring and testing equipment to check for any faulty items.

We will provide a full report on the condition of the equipment, any problems that occurred, and any replacements that were made. We can also advise you of future actions which may be necessary.

If the problem is only minor, we are happy to provide technical support by phone to guide you through any necessary action to overcome the problem.
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