Engine & Turbine Governor Services

General electric

With the steady organic growth of our business and the development of our product and service offerings to accommodate our retrofit facility we were recognised by GE as a reliable company with whom to work in partnership.

In 2006 we were appointed Independent Third Party (ITP) now known as Channel Partner and Value Added Reseller (VAR) for General Electric, and since then we have developed fantastic relations with a number of key individuals within the European team. As a smaller scale business we look toward GE as a model company with whom to work alongside, to share expertise and to grow together.

In order to be recognised as an official distributor, our processes and procedures must be in line with the guidelines set by GE, in addition to the compulsory rigorous training processes and compliance checks thus illustrating our own strict policy guidelines.

We have completed a number of successful projects for customers working alongside GE and we look forward to many more.
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