Engine & Turbine Governor Services

Electronic Overhaul

We can also overhaul electronic actuators and governor controls.

After the equipment has been received and booked in, a job process document is produced containing all the relevant information, including specific customer instructions that our engineers need to complete their work.  For overhauls the unit will be stripped, cleaned and assessed for repair. Once the customer has approved costings and confirmed the order, the unit will be re-assembled using new parts where necessary, inspected and tested to manufacturer or bespoke customer specifications. For more information on our Mechanical Overhaul Department, please see our overhaul page.

Electronic controls are pre-tested and their original settings and any faults documented. A physical inspection of circuit boards and components is made looking for localised heat or other damage and soldered track and conformal coating condition is checked.  Once the customer has approved costings and confirmed the order, any necessary repairs are carried out followed by final performance testing where dynamic settings are adjusted to manufacturer’s default settings, and speed settings are set to the pre-test figures. Tested units are then packed in antistatic bags where required prior to the normal packaging and dispatch requirements.
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