Engine & Turbine Governor Services


The Woodward PGA-EG is a PG governor with air speed setting and an electric actuator. It is designed specifically for marine applications requiring electronic engine control with mechanical backup.

The mechanical governor features pneumatic tracking of the speed setting facilitating complete speed control from a remote location. The actuator requires a 0-200mA control signal; compatible with all Woodward controls.

The PGA-EG can output between 12 and 500 ft-lb and is thus flexible for use on a wide range of marine engines or turbines.

Finally the model is constructed to be vibration resistant.


The PG-EG is used on diesel engines or turbine prime movers. Due to the advantage of its electronic control, it was designed to replace the earlier PGA, PGG and PGE type governors on installations involving unattended starts.

The actuator can operate with drive speeds ranging from 200 to 1200rpm.

Other features:

• Self-contained oil supply
• Rotary or linear output
• Various servo options available
• Compatible with all Woodward electronic controls with output ranging from 0-200 mA.
• An oil cooler may be necessary with this model for applications with high drive speed or high ambient temperatures
• Air start booster unit facility

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