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Jon began his career within the Control and Instrumentation industry in 1987, an industry in which he still finds himself today. His first job was at Eltime Controls, where he began his training alongside the Chief Design Engineer. He rapidly got to grips with the product range to the extent that he became a point of reference and advice to others on its function.

To further his experience, Jon moved on to the role of Technical Sales Engineer for a manufacturer of electronic relay products. He was particularly successful within this role due to his in depth product knowledge, approachability and good communication which enabled him to effectively convey the appropriate information to customers, even to those not quite so familiar with the industry.

Since joining EGS in 2011, Jon has settled into the team and has become a valuable asset. Within his role he most enjoys the fact that each day is different, the challenge and the satisfaction of solving customer issues and thereby representing the EGS brand.

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