Engine & Turbine Governor Services



Governor Technician

Chris began his career in the engineering industry working for the Merchant Navy from 1975-1985. His role mainly consisted of the maintenance of engines, steam turbines and pumps. He was also responsible for testing hydraulic equipment such as steering.

Chris then took on a number of jobs such as Machine Setter, and Service engineer before joining EGS in 1999. Chris’ wide variety of experience enables him to quickly understand how products work and hence how to disassemble, repair and rebuild complex units. It is for this reason that Chris deals with the more unique and challenging jobs for which we have no information or drawings detailing the specifications of the governor. Chris takes great pride in solving these cases.

When Chris isn’t working he particularly enjoys photography, keeping up to date with current affairs and studying architecture; as an engineer he finds it fascinating to establish how great structures were made and how they work.

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