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Barry’s first step on the career ladder was his apprenticeship from 1980 to 1984 at Paxman Diesels (now MAN B&W Diesel LTD) to train as a Engine Fitter Tester. He left Paxman Diesels in 1989 when he joined EGS as an Engine Fitter.

In 1999, when EGS decided to concentrate solely on governing equipment, Barry, with great product, process and company knowledge, was appointed Workshop Manager. Due to the high level of skill required to plan and organise the large number of projects we take on, in addition to managing the technicians’ workload and ensuring each job is completed not only to a high quality standard, but also at the right pace in order to meet customer deadlines, Barry is a strong asset to the company. Furthermore, he has contributed significantly to the coordination of the stores and the implementation of our job and stock management software thereby considerably improving the efficiency with which jobs are completed.

In his spare time, Barry is particularly passionate about Formula 1; attracted by the perfection and precision required of the technology used within this sport, which he views as the pinnacle of engineering.

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