Engine & Turbine Governor Services


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A governor sent by one of our customers is delivered by a courier, booked in by the Stores Department who forwards all details to the Administration Department. A Sales Order Number and Job Reference Number are issued and tied to the governor for identification during its entire time at our works in addition to a document detailing all the information necessary for completion of the job.

The governor and all sub-assemblies are then carefully dismantled into individual parts. We use our BIN system to separate the main castings from components with fine tolerance levels to avoid damage during the storage process.

The main castings are cleaned via a number of chemical processes to remove all oil, paint, rust, and residue. The internal components are hand cleaned in a separate process with separate chemicals to avoid contamination.

All chemicals are water-based in line with our commitment to health and safety and minimising harmful impact to the environment; they are also filtered to ensure any contaminants are removed. The components are then repositioned within the BIN system and transported to a clean environment.

All parts are laid out and fully inspected for any wear or damage. Specialist Woodward test equipment is used to examine the condition of the rotor and pilot valve; the main controlling parts of the governor.

All parts are checked against the specification of the governor to ensure they are correct parts. The Technician then uses the bill of materials to make a list of all the parts that need replacing, which are documented with a coded system indicating the reasons behind the necessary replacement. This list is then sent to the customer for approval. If necessary, photographic evidence can be sent to the customer to show the damage that has taken place and why it is advisable to replace the parts.
Rebuild and Respray

Upon approval, the necessary replacement parts are drawn out of stock and the governor is rebuilt to as-new manufacturer’s condition. On completion, it is then repainted and the appropriate decals are applied.

The governor is then sent to one of our Test Engineers who will test the governor according to the manufacturer specifications unique to each governor and a full set of readings are formulated onto an official test certificate.

Finally the governor is carefully packaged in line with the recommendations provided by the manufacturer to ensure safe receipt and is sent either by courier or one of our drivers.

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