Engine & Turbine Governor Services


EGS was officially established to supply and service Mechanical Governors with the main vision to provide an excellent standard of quality service.

EGS moved from Dovercourt, Harwich to Clacton.
From Clacton we moved to our first Colchester based workshop at Whitehall Industrial Estate.
EGS’ first logo; in use until 1999.

We appointed a full time Service Engineer to join the team.
After getting involved in a key project in Gibraltar overhauling a Paxman engine, we expanded the business to incorporate engine overhaul.
Whilst remaining at Whitehall Industrial Estate, we moved to a larger unit.
We expanded the business to accommodate engine overhaul.
We moved to our current factory based in Fordham, Colchester.
We built an extension to the main factory including two story offices and a reception area.

We were appointed Woodward Distributors.
We built a new factory department which was used as the engine test shop.
We were awarded a maintenance contract by the RFA for all on-site Fort Class vessel work.
In order to improve company efficiency of project turnaround we built a new stores department, which consisted of an expansion from the original 57.17m² area to a designated room of 126m².
We took on our first batch of apprentices including James who completed a three year apprenticeship scheme working four days per week whilst studying at the Colchester Institute.

We begun providing our services within the rail sector.
Our second logo which existed until 2008.

Due to decreased demand, mainly from the Ministry of Defence, for engine overhaul work we decided that we would refocus solely on governing equipment. Many of the engineers involved were retrained to develop their expertise on governing work and are still part of the EGS team today; their background in engine work gives them an enhanced understanding of the work to be carried out on governing equipment.
Our test engineer Ivor started conducting training courses.

In 2001 we appointed Karl who completed an NVQ Level 2 Performing Engineering Operations with modules including the maintenance of mechanical and electronic systems. Karl started in the overhaul department, and with his training moved to the service and retrofit department.

We took on another batch on apprentices including Kevin who studies mechanical engineering for 16 weeks, following by one day a week at the Colchester Institute and four days training in the workshop.

2003 marked the beginnings of the EGS retrofit department.

Customer Transco had a system consisting of a series of UG-8s and UG-40s with basic speed control, which we replaced with modern speed control and power management including; four Woodward 2301D controls, two Woodward UG-40 Actuators, two UG8s with SPMA synchronizers and GPC31 power management controllers.
In order to push the growth of our business worldwide, we had no choice but to terminate our agency with Woodward and to operate independently until we became distributors for GE in 2006.
We were award a 7 year contract with the Ministry of Defence as sole overhaul service provider for Woodward and Regulateur Europa governors and control systems on all warships. This took us up to 2011 and was renewed.
We were asked by Brush Traction to take part in a number of improvement schemes to improve the reliability of several governors. During these schemes we combined expertise on fitting procedures in order to establish the most effective way to overhaul in order to optimise the reliability of the governor.
In 2005 we took on our latest apprentice Jason who also started an apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering .
We became officially recognised as a Channel Partner and Value Added Reseller (VAR) by General Electric.

By 2006 our retrofit department was fully up and running. We have since been upgrading governing equipment for some of the UK’s largest energy companies.
We developed our facilities and expertise to accommodate the overhaul of steam valves.
Our third logo was developed to represent our progress from purely mechanical services to the retrofit and electronics.

Although we stopped overhauling engines in 1999, we maintained our excellent engine test facilities until as late as 2009 offering a test service to other companies. This equipment was then purchased by another company.

In 2010 we took part, again, in a number of improvement schemes with Brush Traction, this time focussing and testing configurations of electrical elements within governors to improve efficiency and reliability.
We completed a major refurbishment project of the management office.
In 2012 the stores almost doubled in size again spreading to a two story department covering 211m².
We built a new accounts office, and opened up the main administration office in order to achieve more efficient working relationships between our Spares Coordinator and Spares Director; our Workshop Manager, and Production Coordinator.

Our 4th New Logo


EGS celebrates 30 years in business.


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