Engine & Turbine Governor Services

ProTech TPS

The ProTech TPS is a safety PLC (programmable logic controller) with integrated overspeed protection designed to safely shutdown any plant process equipment upon sensing a safety issue.

It is a stand-alone safety device which accommodates 10 discrete or analog inputs per module, making a total of three, and one speed input per module.

Other than those of the GII, the TPS features include:

• Overspeed protection
• Acceleration and deceleration protection
• User-programmable logic
• Autotest routines
• Alarm logs


The GII is an overspeed safety device designed to safely shutdown steam, gas, and hydro turbines of all sizes by accurately monitoring turbine rotor speed and acceleration via magnetic pickups.

It boasts a 12 millisecond response time and has a speed range of 0.5 to 32000 rpm.

Other features:

• Password security
• Modbus® communications
• Trip and test logs
• Internal frequency generator


Electronic, triple-redundant overspeed monitoring and emergency shutdown device. Uses digital speed sensing, and two-out-of-three voting, with separate power sources for each speed-sensing unit.

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