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2301D-ST / 2301D-GT


The 2301D control is a digital version of the 2301. The 2301D-ST model is designed specifically for the single valve steam turbine applications. It is a field-configurable control and hence can easily be used on a variety of turbine applications.

It is designed for applications between 300 and 32,000 RPM and has an actuator current range of 4-20mA or 20-200mA.

The 2301D-ST can carry out a number of basic functions:

• Speed control
• Start valve ramp
• Overspeed protection
• Shutdown logic
• Alarm logic
• Platform diagnostics
• Manual start, semi-automatic start, automatic start option
• Self-powered actuator option

Depending on the use of the application there are many other functions that the 2301 D-ST can carry out, such as process control, critical speed avoidance, droop control, and load sharing.


Much like the 2301-ST, the GT model is a field-configurable control, but designed for use with single-shaft gas turbine applications as opposed to steam turbines.

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