Engine & Turbine Governor Services

UG (Universal Governor)

The UG group of governors consists of a line of pressure-compensated mechanical-hydraulic governors for controlling diesel, gas or dual fuel engines or steam turbines.

Their work output ranges from 5.7 to 40 ft-lb and they are isochronous or adjustable droop formatted and have adjustable compensation.

The UG-8 is the most common of the UG family; the maximum travel of the output shaft is 42° and useable work capacity is 5.7 to 15 ft-lb.

Speed Setting Options:

• Speed Setting Options Lever speed setting (UG 8L) – widely used for variable speed control, including rubber diaphragm and bellows pneumatic control.
• Dial speed setting (UG 8D) – particularly suited for constant speed applications; a common feature of the UG Dial governor is a load limit control including fuel supply limitation and engine shut down ability in a variety of voltages.
• Speed setting via speeder motor is also available with different manufacturer motors and RPM options.


The UG-40 is most commonly used for speed or load control of larger dual fuel, diesel, or gas engines and steam turbines

The UG-40 has dashpot compensation; different from that of PG governors in that there is no hydraulic bias of the pilot valve. It is accomplished instead through linkage and a dashpot system arrangement. Finally, it has the same shut down and motor options as the smaller UG-8D family range of governors.

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