Engine & Turbine Governor Services

SG (Simple Governor)

The SG is a hydraulic speed droop governor for control of small engines or turbines. They are also available for use as overspeed trip devices in various forms. As a notably small governor, the SG is available in work ranges from 10.8 to 21.7 inch-pounds. It is compatible for use with the majority of prime movers and can be used in either isochronous or droop format.

Speed adjustment options:

• Speed Setting Shaft – stop screws can be used to limit speed range
• Speed Adjusting Motor – enables an operator to adjust the speed from a remote location: Denki, Groschopp or Pittman motor.
• Pneumatic Speed Adjustment
• Only an external shutdown device can be used on this model.

The most common forms of output include splined, plain or notched, but linear with spring return is also available.

PSG (Pressure Compensated Simple Governor)

The PSG’s only difference from the SG is that it has a compensation system which adds temporary droop to the governor during speed transients. The SG operation can be either isochronous or droop with externally adjustable droop available.

This governor shares common parts with the SG unit as listed above.

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