Engine & Turbine Governor Services


The PG is an isochronous pressure-compensating governor usually used in turbine applications with a wide range of servo outputs available.

The PG-PL Governor is widely used for controlling speed for all types of diesel or gas engines and steam turbines, driving pumps and compressors with a wide variety of pneumatic speed ranges available together with shutdown options.

Other options available consist of:

• Magnetic pick up facility
• Various base options
• Various driveshaft options
• Overspeed test device
• Lube oil or air shutdown facility
• Self-contained sump

The workload output of the PG-PL ranges from 12 to 58 ft-lb in the format of either linear or rotary output.

The main advantages of this governor are that it has a number of power options and can easily be adapted to fit many manufacturers’ prime movers.

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