Engine & Turbine Governor Services


The PG (Pressure-compensating) group of governors comprises a variety of pressure-compensating hydraulic governors with linear or rotary output and a capacity range from 12 to 500 ft-lb.

PGDs (PG governors with dial speed setting) and PGLs (PG governors with lever speed setting) control the speed of diesel and dual fuel engines but are most frequently used on turbines. The PGD also facilitates the addition of speeder motors, shutdown and overspeed test device.

PGDs can be used with a variety of drive shaft options in addition to droop facility.


The PGA is much-like the standard PG model, however with the inclusion of an air speed setting facility; it is used extensively in marine applications.

It is a pressure-compensated, hydraulic governor that uses an air signal to establish the engine speed setting of the governor.

PGAs come with a variety of optional additional features:

• Isochronous or droop control option
• Magnetic pick up facility
• Various base options
• Lube oil or air shutdown facility
• Self-contained sump
• Load share option
• Electrical shutdown with various voltage options
• Vane servo load control
• Hydraulic load control
• Variable speed setting timing
• Extendable tail rod overload
• Speed setting limiter
• Torque limitation
• Overspeed test device

Other PGs within this range include the PG-200, the PG-300, the PG-500, the PGA-EG), the PGG and the PGG-EG and the PG-PL for compressor or pump applications.

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