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Woodward Synchronisers

Woodward provide a range of speed, phase and voltage matching systems used to control electronic governor speed setting and permit automatic synchronisation.

The SPM-A is a more versatile version of the older SPM and the SPM-D takes options to a higher level as it uses microprocessor technology for flexible and reliable operation.


Woodward’s SPM-A Speed and Phase Matching Synchroniser provides automatic frequency and phase matching when used with 2301, 2301A, and Electrically Powered Governor (EPG) electric load sharing control systems.

Features include:

• Automatic synchronisation of the generators
• Adjustable dynamics
• Frequency, phase and optional voltage matching
• Automatic breaker closure
• Selectable output impedance


The SPM-D10 is a microprocessor based synchroniser designed for use on three phase AC generators equipped with speed controls and automatic voltage regulators. Frequency, phase and voltage are automatically matched using either analogue or discrete output bias signals. There is a two line LCD display with a number of features including synchroscope indication, password protection, PC configuration and breaker status indication.

Available variants:

• The SPM-D10/YB - three-phase generator and bus measurement
• The SPM-D11 - load/var sharing
• The SPM-D21 - synchronisation for two circuit breakers and load control

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