Engine & Turbine Governor Services

EPG / ProAct / Flo-Tech


The EPG (Electric Powered Governor) is a simple governor system designed for precise speed control of diesel and gas engines in addition to gas turbines that do not require a mechanical drive or hydraulic actuator.

The product is used in conjunction with the following components of varying work output capacity to form an EPG system of an actuator, electronic speed control and magnetic pickup: analogue 512/524, 1712/1724, 4024, CSC, and digital ProAct actuator/governor.

The EPG system with position feedback from the actuator provides start-fuel limiting from smoke control, actuator dynamic adjustments, droop and is EU Directive compliant.

For isochronous load sharing the Woodward load sensor can be added. This addition also gives the facility of automatic synchroniser and process import/export control.

Other features include:

• Single phase droop or isochronous control
• 12 and 24 Volt operation
• Selectable duel dynamics
• Output shaft is spring to zero fuel in event of power failure.

Further accessories include:

• Process Import/Export Control
• Automatic Generator Load Control (AGLC)
• Automatic Power and Load Control (APTL)

Similar controls include:

• The Flo-Tech™ Speed Control which provides basic isochronous speed control for gas engines using the Flo-Tech™ Integrated Actuator Throttle Body.
• The ProAct™ series control consisting of a series of related all-electric actuators.

Bespoke engine mounting and linkage kits are available for many applications.

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