Engine & Turbine Governor Services


A microprocessor-based complete generator load control and engine management package designed for use with an automatic voltage regulator and a speed control to automate and protect diesel or gas engine based generator sets.

Designed for small to medium sized generator sets, the EGCP-2 can be configured to operate stand-alone or by utility paralleled sets. A network of EGCP-2 controls is capable of controlling up to eight unmanned generator sets for base-load, peak shaving, or backup power generation.

Functions include:

• Engine control, auto start/stop,
• Synchronising
• Load control, reactive kvar control
• Automatic generator sequencing
• Generator protection
• Digital display
• PC interface.


The DSLC control is a microprocessor-based synchroniser and load control designed for use owith three-phase AC generators in complex applications. It can control up to 32 generator sets and a range of up to 999mw.

It has the following functions:

• Synchroniser, generator soft loading, slip frequency paralleling
• Load sensor
• Load control
• Dead bus closing system
• Process control.
• Ethernet, Modbus RS-232 & 485 communications
• UL/cUL & CE listing

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