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Turbine and Engine Control Platform
This is a low-cost alternative to general purpose PLCs.

The ATLAS-II is an industrial platform that offers robust, low-cost control for a wide variety of turbine, engine and compressor applications.

The control side is signed to integrate into modern plant architecture through the use of Ethernet ports and the fieldbus communication protocols which facilitate network flexibility and redundancy.
• Total system control
• Powerful CPU for demanding applications
• Real-time multi-tasking VxWorks® operating system
• Deterministic update rates as fast as 5 ms
• Improved control system availability and reliability
• SNTP compliant for time synchronisations
• Four Ethernet ports
• Distributed I/O Capability
• Profibus
• Ethernet
• CE and UL compliant


The ATLAS control system represents a new generation of turbine and engine control in that it is flexible, expandable and PC-based.

The platform will fit a number of prime mover applications including small mechanical drive units with a minimum complexity, up to small twin-shaft gas turbine generator sets.

Features include:

• Total system control-bit microprocessor and Real Time Operating System.
• Low cost, sensible alternative to a general purpose PLC
• Real time multitasking operating system with deterministic update rates
• Fast, accurate on-board I/O modules available
• Modbus® for additional I/O expansion
• Scalable from speed and engine control to total package control
• Generator synchronising and power management functions optional
• CE compliant, suitable for hazardous locations

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