Engine & Turbine Governor Services


The Woodward 2301D is a digital version of the 2301A that provides load sharing and speed control of generators being driven by diesel, generator pump or gas engines.

The configuration software incorporated in 2301D hardware facilitates the selection of variations of the application by external computer.

The main advantage of this control is the added functionality that comes in one package in addition to:

• Multiple dynamics
• Manifold pressure fuel limiter
• Torque limiter
• Low speed sensing function for slow speed prime movers
• Remote speed and load reference
• Soft load transfer
• Automatic idle to rated speed switch
• Selectable for forward or reverse acting and speed ranges
• Modbus serial communications.


The Woodward 2301 Electronic Control is an analogue proportional system of engine control. Early models were built in modules and installed on system assemblies. The system could feature load sharing, process control, temperature compensation and many other parameters.

The 2301A controls the speed or load of diesel or gas engines, steam or gas turbines. It is an improvement on the 2301 in that it isolates the power supply and enhances features of earlier controls and is available for forward or reverse-acting applications and can be used with single or tandem actuators.

There are low voltage (10-40Vdc) and two high voltage models (88-132Vac & 90-150Vdc).

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