Engine & Turbine Governor Services


The TM family of actuators are torque motor controlled hydraulic actuators used primarily to position fuel or water valves on turbines. They are available in a number of sizes with rotary or linear output.

TM-25LP Linear-Proportional Actuators

TM-25LP actuators are electric-hydraulic, proportional actuators used for positioning steam and fuel-control valves requiring low/high force linear inputs.

It provides 1 inch of linear movement of valves for steam or gas turbines, and has a maximum work ratings range from 53 to 170 ft-lb.
The actuator output shaft can be set to either extend or retract on increasing current.

Other features:

• Centrifugal or fixed-displacement type pumps
• Torque motor options
• Corrosion resistant
• CE directive compliant.

TM-55P Actuator

The TM-55P Actuator is an electro-hydraulic, proportional actuator for controlling diesel and gas engines or steam and industrial gas turbines. It has a maximum output range from 22 to 55 ft-lb and is designed for use with a variety of Woodward analog and digital controls.

Other features:

• 45° rotary output
• Torque motor options
• Position indication option
• CE Directive compliant.

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