Engine & Turbine Governor Services


A simple droop governor designed specifically for high-speed turbine control, and can also be found on a variety of turbines. Available with 10, 13 and 17 ft-lb outputs with the option of pneumatic speed setting and speeder motor control available upon request.

The TG-13E and 17E actuators are self-contained electro-hydraulic actuators for use on steam turbines where isochronous control, load sharing, or other functions are required. They can be used with all available Woodward electronic governor controls and accessories with mechanical drive or hydraulic.

The two sizes available are 12.2 and 17.5 ft-lb work capacity.

Other features:
• Proportional electric mechanical transducer
• Rotary output
• Self-contained oil sump
• UL Listed model available
• Adjustable feedback


The TG611 is TG Governor with an integral overspeed test device. They are self-contained, mechanical-hydraulic, speed-droop governors designed for use of small steam turbines whereby isochronous operation is not required.

The governor senses and controls turbine speed through its being directly coupled to the turbine rotor or auxiliary shaft.
The governor is available in two sizes of work output; 12 and 17.5 ft-lbs.

Other features:
• Low cost
• Speed droop control
• NEMA “A” speed control
• Weatherproof and durable in hard environments

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