Engine & Turbine Governor Services


The UG actuator is available in four sizes; 8, 15, 20 and 40 ft-lb versions the most common of which is a production of approximately 15ft-lb. It is built in a UG case facilitating the direct replacement of a UG governor with an electronic governor system and is often used for installations involving unattended starts.

The UG-Actuator can be used with diesel, petrol, or natural gas engines, and with steam and industrial gas turbines.

Other features:

• Self-contained oil sump
• Low speed pump for drive speeds from 375 to 1100 rpm
• High speed pump for 600 to 1500 rpm
• Optional cooler
• Optional self-contained MPU
• Economical installation
• Works with all Woodward 20-160mA output electronic control systems


The UG-25+ is a notably more enhanced and developed version of the UG actuator. It is a microprocessor controlled, mechanical-hydraulic, amplified governor which is used for controlling diesel, gas and dual fuel engines and steam turbines.

It is available in two sizes 25 and 31 ft-lb, and is directly replaceable with UG-8 and 3161 governors.

The UG-25+ is considerably fast-acting and offers high work output, hence it does not require additional auxiliary devices such as start booster or oil cooler.

Other features:
• Convenient front panel adjustments
• Speed setting with 4 to 20 mA signal
• Easy setup and tuning
• Discrete output driver for status indication
• Isochronous or droop control
• Drive shaft options

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