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Fortnightly Blog - EGS launches its new website.

2nd – 13th April 2012

Marketing and Events

After the completion of the final tweaks, our brand new EGS website soft launched on Tuesday 10th April 2012. To celebrate and to thank our team for their hard work and cooperation with the website production over the last few months, we have been organising a Launch Party which will take place at the end of this month at American bar and diner, Sloppy Joe’s. After testing, which will take place in partnership with Cyber-Duck over the next few weeks, official launch will take place with press releases.

In preparation for the official launch, the final video edits to our two videos (an ‘Introduction to EGS’ and ‘Our Overhaul Process’) have been made are now available for viewing on EGS’ YouTube account. They will also be added to our site over the next few days.

With the arrival of the spring weather, there has been an influx of road bikes at the EGS premises. This July, 11 members of the EGS team will be completing a 25 mile group bike ride to raise money for St Helena Hospice; a 24 hour, free of charge hospice set up in 1985 for anyone diagnosed with life-limiting illness. In anticipation for the bike event and preparation for training, road bikes, hybrids, cycling shorts and mileage are the current trends at EGS. We look forward to the event and will hopefully get some good photos to share. If anyone wants to join our team, feel free to get in touch.

Governor overhaul and supply

We currently have a number of jobs taking place within the overhaul department. Here are some of the highlights:

Firstly, we have three main engine PGA-V load share governor overhauls. These were routine overhauls with no major part failures; one of the three loadshare control blocks was replaced due to corrosion caused by water molecules in the air. Otherwise, the drive shaft and terminal shaft were replaced due to wear, in addition to all o-rings, bearings and gaskets which are routinely replaced within the overhaul process.

We are also building an exchange 1131-3G Regulateurs Europa Governor for an ex UK registered tank ship. This is a job we are completing for one of our agents, Ian Skins, due for shipment to Africa over the next few weeks pending the delivery of parts we have on order at RE.

We have also supplied electronic ProAct actuators to a new UK customer within the industrial sector and completed a 3103 gas valve overhaul for an offshore UK company, which is currently being delivered.

Retrofit, Service and Electronics

Within the retrofit department, Service Manager Steve and Applications Engineer Jon are currently preparing a proposal for British Sugar to complete a retrofit project in June.

In February we received the order for a Pro-tech TPO electronic overspeed protection system, part of the retrofit which would be installed in order comply with current legislation that states there should be a secondary electronic trip that is independent of the governor control system.

Jon attended site on the 11th April which resulted in the scope of the project being extended. There is now the addition of the CPC-II that is replacing the old unit and HMI Package for the control room. The Woodward 505 control unit is being replaced by a new one and the controls cabinet is being re-furbished. When complete the updated equipment should improve the safety and reliability of the turbine for many years to come. This proposal will be complete and delivered to British Sugar by the end of the day Friday 13th April.
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